How to install Lynis Security Auditing tool in Ubuntu

Lynis is an open-supply and depended on safety auditing tool designed for Linux, macOS, and UNIX derivatives which include FreeBSD and OpenBSD. It is used for some of functions which includes safety auditing, vulnerability detection, and compliance testing. The goal of leveraging an auditing device which include Lynis is to probe and clear up any underlying safety vulnerabilities, and configuration mistakes which include susceptible consumer account passwords or irrelevant document permissions that could compromise the gadget in face of an attack. In this tutorial, you’ll discover ways to set up Lynis on Ubuntu 20.04. There are some of methods of putting in Lynis. You can set up from Ubuntu repositories the usage of the APT bundle supervisor or from the legit network repository.

Install the Lynis on Ubuntu

Granted, you may install Lynis from Ubuntu repositories. However, this may now no longer continually get you the cutting-edge model. For example, on the time of scripting this guide, the cutting-edge model of Lynis is Lynis version 3.0.6. The model hosted at the Ubuntu repository is older because the command under confirms this.

$ apt-cache policy lynis

From the output, we will see that the present day model hosted at the Ubuntu repository is Lynis 2.6.2-1. If you desire to put in the present day model of Lynis, the quality method is to put in it from the Offical Lynis Community repository. To attain this, first, update your system

$ sudo apt update

Next, download the signing key from the central keyserver:

$ wget -O - https://packages.cisofy.com/keys/cisofy-software-public.key | sudo apt-key add -

Next, enable the Lynis community repository as follows:

$ echo "deb https://packages.cisofy.com/community/lynis/deb/ stable main" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/cisofy-lynis.list

With that done, refresh the system once more so that the system can be made aware of the newly added repository.

$ sudo apt update

Now proceed to the next step in order to install Lynis.

Finally, to install Lynis, use the following APT command:

$ sudo apt install Lynis

Once the installation is complete, verify the version of Lynis installed.

$ lynis show version

You can verify if there is an available update as follows:

$ lynis update info

If you’ve got got freshly mounted Lynis from its reliable repository, make sure that this can continually be updated as illustrated withinside the output.

Some of the Lynis Commands

Lynis is already installed. Let’s spare a few second and notice how you could use the device to carry out a few safety auditing. To show the instructions that you could run the usage of Lynis, execute:

$ lynis show commands

Lynis additionally ships with a few audit profiles. A profile is synonymous with a configuration record that determines or spells out how a protection audit need to be carried out. The profiles are commonly determined in the /etc/lynis directory. To listing the audit profiles, run the command:

$ lynis show profiles 

In addition, you can display Lynis settings as follows.

 $ lynis show settings 

Let’s Perform a Basic Audit

To perform a basic security audit of your system, run the command:

$ sudo lynis audit system

When this command is executed, Lynis probes the device and software program configuration for any capacity weaknesses or loopholes. Lynis then logs the audit statistics in the /var/log/lynis.log document and shops the audit file in the /var/log/lynis-file.dat document. Key regions that Lynis plays device tests on include:

Key regions that Lynis plays device tests on include:

Boot loader documents

Software applications

Configuration documents

Directories related to logging and auditing

During the device audit, you’re probable to encounter unique auditing effects with key phrases consisting of Found, OK, Not Found, Suggestion, Warning, and so on.

Special interest must take delivery of to the machine tests that yield a “Warning” alert. Action must be taken to remedy the difficulty defined as this may probably undermine the safety of your machine. From our audit check, Lynis flagged an difficulty to do with domestic listing permissions.

At the stop of the scan, you may be furnished with a precis of the audit that consists of warnings and pointers that you may take to harden the safety of your machine. Accompanying every thought is a URL that gives extra data approximately the thought that goals at enhancing or hardening your machine security.


As you’ve got got seen, it`s pretty smooth to put in Lynis and run audit reports. This gives much-wanted visibility to your gadget and gives you key recommendations to your you may enhance your server’s security. And it’s it! We desire which you observed this manual insightful.


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