Do you know you can unlock Adobe PDF without password? Yes, you heard right! You can easily open or edit a PDF document with read-only restrictions. In this tutorial, we’ll show you the top 2 efficient ways to unlock secured PDF with ease.

Generally, a lot of users maintain their personal or confidential data in password-protected PDF documents. Basically, these PDF files are protected either by a user-level password or owner level permission password. Let’s take a closer look to understand them.

  • User-level password: One can protect their document with User Passwords to block users from opening the document. Such users are usually those belonging to a legal background like lawyers, forensic experts, investigators, etc.
  • Owner level permission password: It allows users to open the documents but restrict them to edit, copy, extract, and print. Mostly the documents published on the web are protected with owner level rights.

Let’s dig deeper to know how we can unlock Adobe PDF without password. We have mentioned both the manual and automated solutions to perform the task.

Method 1: Remove PDF Permissions Password with Acrobat Pro

The manual way to unlock PDF password is to use the Adobe Acrobat Pro tool. If you know the original permissions password, you can unlock and remove all types of security restrictions on your PDF document in the below-mentioned steps.Open your secured PDF document with Acrobat ProClick the lock icon at the left side of the window and click Permission Details.

Next, go to the Security tab.To remove all those restrictions, you have to choose “No Security” from the “Security Method” drop-down list.A window will appear saying that your PDF document is protected. Enter your PDF permissions password and hit OK.

Click OK to unlock Adobe PDF files.Save your changes, the permissions password will be removed from the original PDF file.

The above methods only work if you know the PDF permissions password. If you’ve completely forgotten the password, then you have to use a third-party software to remove the security restrictions.

Method 2: Unlock Adobe PDF Without Password by Using Automated tool

PDF File Unlocker is a professional utility that lets you unlock secured PDF without password. Along with this, the tool removes the permissions and unlock the PDF for printing, copying, editing, and page extraction.

Moreover, the software is compatible with all versions of Windows (32 & 64 bit) OS.

Major Functionality Of the Tool

1. Remove Owner Level Password from PDF Files: The utility can easily remove the owner level password security and unlock PDF restrictions.

2. Remove Known User Level Password from PDF Documents: If there is any user level password applied on the PDF document then users can unlock it by providing the respective password when prompted.

Let’s see how the tool works.

How to Unprotect Adobe PDF Without Password?

After downloading the software on your Windows OS, follow the simple instructions as mentioned below:

  1. Install & Run Software. Click on “Save” option available in the initial screen.

2. Click on “Add File(s)” / “Add Folder” option to insert PDF documents.

3. Next, click on the “Save” the option.

4. Click on “Change” button to set a destination for storing Output PDF. Next, click on the “Unlock” button

5. Finally, the tool removes security & unlock locked PDF without password.

After successfully unlocking and removing your PDF permissions password, you can now edit, print, copy the content or extract images from the secured PDF file without any restriction.

Benefits Of Using A Professional Software to Unlock Secured PDF

  • Unlock PDF File in Batch for business or enterprise license
  • Allow users to preview permissions of PDF documents
  • Unlock Password Protected PDF File
  • Maintains File Integrity and another formatting intact.
  • Remove Document Assembly & Form Restrictions
  • Remove PDF Signing and Comment Restriction
  • Utility supports Adobe Acrobat PDF with 128 / 256-bit encryption.


In this blog, we have mentioned both the manual and automated solutions to unlock Adobe PDF without password. Although manual solution exists it quite expensive. Therefore, considering this we have provided the cost-efficient tool that removes restrictions and unlock secured pdf without a password.