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How to Completely Wipe a Hard Drive

In this tutorial, you’ll learn wiping the hard discusing the DBAN.

If you wish to wipe a hard Disk utterly then you’ll follow the steps. Also, this method can take longer.
For any reason, you wish to erase a hard disk, then i’m telling you the methodthat is straight forward, and you’ll additionally use VMware.

Deleting everything doesn’t wipe a hard drive, and data format doesn’t sometimes either. You’ll got to take an additional step that the datawon’t be accessible once moreonce you format a hard drive or delete a partition, you’re sometimes solely deleting the filing systemcreating the info not visible, or not actively indexed, however not utterly deleted. A file recovery program or special hardware usually recovers the data.

If you’ll use this methodology then no one will get the data on this hard Disk once more using any software package.

The software package that i’m telling you that’s DBAN transfer

Download DBAN

Firstly, you have to download the DBAN program. So you can click on the below link.

Download DBAN

After clicking on the Download DBAN, it will take you to the Source Forge website on the DBAN page, then you have to click on Download Button and it will start downloading.

It is a tiny low program of 15-20MB ISO files. And currentlyyou have got to burn it on CD Disk or build a bootable Pendrive.

Downloading Win32 Disk Imager

Step 2: secondto figure it properly you have got to burn it on CD/DVD or build a bootable flash drive. you’ll be able to use Win32 Disk Imager

Download Win32 Disk Imager

So you’ll be able to install this Win32 Disk Imager on a Windows laptop then you’ll be able to create the bootable drive.

Booting the Computer Using the DBAN bootable media

Restart and boot into the DBAN disc or USB device. Insert the disc or introduce the USB device that you simply burned DBAN to within the previous step, then restart your laptop.
Note: Please follow the steps with full attention otherwise you will wipe your disk fully and this method can’t reverse.
This program is intended to use keyboard solely.

If the perform keys aren’t operating for you, make sure to carry down the Fn key 1stthen choose the function key (F1, F2 …….) that you would like to use.

It will take perform and you may see the choicejust like the below image.

Here, will|you’ll|you’ll be able to} use a command otherwise you can use interactive mode. after you use the command mode, it’ll begin erasing the connected drive using the planned commands. So, I like to recommend using the interactive mode.

There square measure the F2 and F4 keys that you’ll use to scan additional.
Command Mode in DBAN
If you don’t need to stay something with all the drives that square measure connected then you’ll select F3 or autonuke.

dod – DoD 5220.22-M
dodshort – Same as DoD except solely three passes area unit run rather than seven
ops2 – rcmp TSSIT OPS-II
gutmann – Gutmann
prng – Random knowledge
quick – Write Zero
You can additionally use the autonuke command, thati s that the same factor as dodshort.

gutmann can write the files with a random character, and do therefore up to thirty five times, and fastcan write a zero and solely have it away once.

DBAN recommends using the dodshort command. you’ll use any of them that you simply assume is critical, however if you’re using gutmann, then it’ll longer to finish.

Type one in every of these commands into DBAN to begin wiping all of your onerous drives there with specific information wipe methodhowever if you wish to settle on that onerous drives to erase, and you wish to customise the wipe methodology, then you’ll use interactive mode.

Interactive Mode in DBAN

It is the mode that I like to recommendtherefore press the Enter key to travel into interactive mode. This methodology enables you to customise the wipe methodto urge during this methodology you only ought to press the Enter key.

Pressing the J and K keys can move you up and down an inventoryand therefore the Enter key can choose associate possibility from a menu. As you alter every possibilitythe highest left of the screen can replicate those changes. the center of the screen is however you select that onerous drives you wish to erase.

Pressing the P the key can open the PRNG (Pseudo Random range Generator) settings. There square measure 2 choices, firstly, Mersenne Twister and second, ISAAC, however I like to recommend to stay it default.

Selecting the letter M, assist you opt for the wipe methodology you wish to run. DBAN recommends selecting dod Short if you’re undecided.

When you press the letter V opens a collection of 3 choices you’ll choose between to outline however usually DBAN ought to verify that the drive is empty once running the wipe methodology. You’re ready to disable verification entirely, flip it on for the last pass solely, or set it to verify the drive is empty once every pass has finished. i like to recommend choosing Verify Last Pass, thus it’ll keep verification on however it’s not needed to run once every pass, which is able to create the method slow.

You can opt for what number times the chosen wipe methodology ought to surpass gap the Rounds screen with the R key, getting into variety, and pressing ENTER to save lots of it. Keeping it at one can run the strategy once, And additionally it’ll enough to erase everything firmly.

Finally, you have gotto decide on the drives you wish to erase. Move up and down the list with the J and K keys, and press the space key to pick out or deselect the drives. The word wipe can seem to the left of the drives you decide on.

Using F10 to start out Erasing

If the setting is okay, then you’ll press the F10 key to start wiping the exhausting drives straightaway.

As per result, it’ll begin wiping however this method will take time and you’ll see on the properside on top.

Once DBAN has finished the data wipe of the selected hard drives, you’ll see this DBAN succeeded message.

After it, you can remove the CD/DVD or Pendrive. It has been wiped the drive successfully. It can’t be recover now.



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