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How to Completely Wipe a Hard Drive

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In this tutorial, you’ll learn wiping the hard discusing the DBAN. If you wish to wipe a hard Disk utterly then you’ll follow the steps. Also, this method can take longer.For any reason, you wish to erase a hard disk, then i’m telling you the method, that is straight forward, and you’ll additionally use VMware….

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How To Install and Setup Ansible in Ubuntu

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Ansible is associate degree open source configuration management, application preparation likewise software package provisioning tool that’s wont to deploy, set up & manage servers. because of ease in mistreatment Ansible is one amongst the simplest & hottest automation tools. It uses YAML, that is straightforward to find out & doesn’t need you to find out a sophisticated programing language like Ruby (used in…

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Top 5 Best Linux Caching Tools For Geeks And Linux SysAdmins

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Caching of information is very vital for any web site or application out there because it will mostly facilitate in cut back the server load. during this article, we’ll be viewing the highest five Best UNIX/Linux Tools For Geeks And UNIX/Linux SysAdmins therefore, while not wasting abundant time, let’s jump directly into the article. (5) Varnish Cache Varnish…

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