The Best Operating System To Stay Anonymous

The following operating systems are designed to assist you being anonymous on the netthey are available with Tor, cryptography and much of countermeasures that stop online tracking.

SubGraph OS

SubGraph OS is a Desktop communications OS designed to resist malware attacks, key applications run within a sandbox to scale back impact of triple-crown exploits. This OS encompasses a hardened Linux Kernel and integral Tor integration with a default policy that filters communication programs through Tor. Email is secured with PGP and SubGraph OS Instant courier is CoyIM, a brand new XMPP compatible courier sandboxed and connected with Tor by default

Mofo Linux

Mofo Linux is a Ubuntu based mostly software system optimized to defeat censorship and police work, the video disc includes SoftEther, Freenet, Tor, Veracrypt, Zulucrypt and plenty of alternative encoding and proxy tools that ought to bypass collegescompanies and ISP filters. you’ll use this distribution to browse the web anonymously and code communications and information you transfer. It is run from a video disc, USB thumbdrive or put in in your laptop.

The default user account is: mofo however you’ll switch to root if necessary, accounts kick off of the box with no positive identification.

Tails Os

The Amnesic Incogmico Live System (Tails): is Likely the fore most wide spread software for web obscurity. Tails has been around for several years and is commonly updated, it comes with a firewall that blocks any web affiliation that don’t bear Tor, this makes it not possible to show your real laptop information processing even out of the blue.

Tails is my most wanted selection distribution for obsecurity on the web.


Robolinux is a User friendly UNIX distribution loaded with no logs VPN (subscription needed). different privacy tools like Tor, I2P, Bleachbit, Enigmail and also the JonDo browser will additional victimisation the one click installer.

To highlight Robolinux concealment VM, a virtual machine that runs Windows within your UNIX distribution, the advantage of this can be that viruses and malware can’t get out of the sandbox. helpful for those tha treally want Windows.

Linux Kodachi

Linux Kodachi is a Debian based mostly with a customized XFCE desktop, another to Tails, Kodachi web site contains a comparison table showing however Kodachi UNIX system is best than Tails by adding a Litecoin caseinbuilt VPN, Veracrypt, DNSCrypt and Pacnic space in between several different tools and also the expected Tor browser, macintosh address randomisation and also the artificial language traveller.

My Opinion

In some countries the law forces voters to allow up their passwords beneath threat of jail (UK, Australia, Iran, etc), if you’re at that level of risk, you may be more happy running the OS as a live optical disc and ne’er putting in somethingonce one thing runs in RAM it’s out of the question to recover the info despite threats.

Notice: operative systems that haven’t been updated for years are eliminated from the list as a result of possibly they contain unpatched vulnerabilities.

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