Backup on personal computers or servers is usuallyvitalto stop permanent data loss. thus planning to know completely different backup tools is incredibly vital particularly for System administrators who work with massive amounts of enterprise-level knowledge and even on personal computers.

It is continuously a decent observe to stay on backing up knowledge on our computers, this will either be done manually or organized to figure automaticallyseveral backup tools have completely different options that enable users to set up the sort of backup, time of backup, what to backup, work backup activities and lots of additional

In this article, we shall take a glance at 5 outstanding backup tools that you just will use on Linux servers or systems.Grammar Check

1. Rsync

It is a command-line backup tool I already have a tutorial on how to backup file with Rsync

 standard among Linux users particularly System administrators. It feature-rich as well as progressive backups, update whole directory tree and filing systemeach native and remote backups, preserves file permissions, ownership, links and plenty of a lot of.

It additionally features a graphical computer program known as Grsync however one advantage with the rsync is that backups may be machine-controlled using scripts and cron jobs once utilized by experienced System directors on the command

2. Backupninja

It is a strong backup tool that enables users to style backup activity configuration files that may be drooped in /etc/backup.d/ directory. It helps to perform secure, remote and conjointly progressive backups over a network.

It has got the subsequent features:

Easy to browse ini vogue configuration files.
Use scripts to handle new kinds of backups on your system.
Schedule backups
Users will opt for once standing report emails square measure armoured to them.
Easily produce a backup action configuration file with a console-based wizard (ninjahelper).
Works with Linux-Vservers.

3. Fwbackups

It is free and open-source package that is cross-platform and feature-rich and users will contribute to its development or simply participate in testing it. it’s AN intuitive interface that enables users to try to to backups simply.

It has options such as:

Simple interface
Flexibility within the backup configuration
Remote backups
Backup a complete filing system
Exclude files and directories and more

4. BorgBackup

BorgBackup could be a free open supplyeconomical still as secure command-line based mostly deduplicating archiver/backup tool with support for compression and authenticated cryptography. It may be wont to perform daily backups and solely changes in files since the last backup is archived, using the deduplicating approach.

The following area unit a number of its key features:

It is simple to put in and use.
Supports encryption of all information.
Uses the echt encryption techniques to make sure secure backups.
It is conjointly in no time.
Supports space-efficient storage.
It conjointly supports optional compression of information.
Supports remote backups over SSH.
Supports mounting backups within the same method as filesystems.

5. Restic

Restic may be a free open supply, efficient, easy-to-use, quick and secure command-line based mostly backup program. it’s designed to secure backup knowledge against attackers, in any quite storage surroundings.

The following area unit its key features:

It is cross-platform, works on Unix-like systems like Linux, and conjointly Windows.
It is straight forwardto put intack and use.
Uses cryptography for securing knowledge.
It solely backs up changes in knowledge.
Supports substantiative of information within the backup.


Always bear in mind that backup is incredibly vital and helps forestall information loss and you’ll be able to use numerous backup tools for UNIX operating system to hold out a daily backup of your information.

You could be using a backup tool that we’ve not checked outallow us to recognize of it by posting a comment and hope you discover the article useful and continuously bear in mind to remain connected to